We develop various kinds of robotic systems and platforms upon which various kinds of swarming and cooperation algorithms, control and coupled-control systems, autonomous navigation, and path-planning capabilities are implemented. Presently we use the Robotic Operating System (ROS) environment.

Some ongoing projects are:

Self-Balancing robot

A self-balancing robot is an example of one of the most classical dynamic and control theory problem of an inverted pendulum. An inverted pendulum is unstable by nature. It cannot become stable without an external control system. Examples of similar systems would be the human body, rockets, buildings, segways, unicycles etc. The incentive of a self balancing robot over normal 4 wheeled / 3 wheeled land based robots is that it offers great deal of maneuverability and are better at handling rough terrains.

We are working on swarming, cooperation, autonomous capabilities & coupled-control capabilities with such systems.

Quadracopters & Land-Air Hybrid platform

Quadracopters are basically multi-rotor helicopters, which need a proper control system to balance and maneuver them. However, they are among the most dynamic and flexible platforms. Quadra-copters gained a widespread attention because of their capabilities and many new areas of research, like surveillance, drone delivery, and applications in the military, agriculture, and Smart Cities context are being explored with their help.

Presently we are using the Parrot BEBOP quadracopter platform. We are working on its autonomous capabilities, for axample for autonomous navigation. We are also working on cooperation and swarming capabilities, where various kinds of platforms come together to complete a specified task.

Quadracopters consume a large amount of power to remain in air. Hence the time of flight available is generally short. If they are also made capable of moving on ground terrains wherever there is scope, a considerable amount of energy can be saved. We are also exploring and developing such Land-Air hybrid platforms.