Walking robot


  • Shalabh Bhatnagar (RBCCPS/Computer Science and Automation)
  • Bharadwaj Amrutur (RBCCPS/Electrical Communication Engineering)
  • Ashitava Ghosal (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Shishir N. Y. Kolathaya (RBCCPS)

RBCCPS has a custom built four legged robot (quadruped) called “Stoch”. The main goal is to explore deep-reinforcement learning algorithms to achieve a wide variety of walking behaviours. The quadruped must be able to plan and navigate over a diverse set of environments like flat plains, undulating and slippery surfaces, and also muddy terrains. Besides walking, we are also interested in exploring applications like:

  1. The quadruped must use vision, inertial measurements and other sensory information to read its surroundings, and then plan and execute its motion to a designated point.
  2. A traditional arm mechanism attached to the quadruped must be able to pick and place movable objects from one point to another.