Smart City


  • Bharadwaj Amrutur (RBCCPS/Electrical Communication Engineering)
  • Abhay Sharma (RBCCPS)
  • Arun Babu (RBCCPS)
  • Ashish Joglekar (RBCCPS)
  • Yogesh Simmhan (Computational and Data Sciences)

The Smart City Mission within the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has launched an ambitious Smart City effort, with about 100 cities selected for a total investment of around two Lakh Crore Rupees. The Smart City projects will be different, with each city investing in the applications and citizen services which are most needed by them. Planning and implementation efforts are in different stages, with the cities expected to be fully operational between 2020 and 2023.

Separately, in 2012 and 2014, the Indian government released two policies to adopt open standards and promote open source and open technologies in all e-governance systems. So far, this has been interpreted as using open source components (Linux, Apache, etc.) in creating closed implementations with open interfaces but without the source code being available. Many of the marquee GoI projects (like India Stack and Health Stack) have adopted this approach. The various Smart City initiatives that are in early stages of deployment have also mostly followed this path.

We believe that for Smart Cities it is critical to have a full open source model, particularly for the data and middleware layers. The different implementations of each Smart City have different vendors, use different types of hardware, and provide different applications to their citizens. In a fully open source model, it is not just the external interfaces that are open, but also internal aspects such as data schemas and internal interfaces, and the complete source code is available without royalty payment.

The Bosch Centre is currently working on the City Data Exchange (CDX), the data/middleware layer of such an open source model.

City Data Exchange Architecture

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