Abhik Singla, B.Tech.
Project Assistant (Robotics)

Abhik received his B.Tech. in Electronics and Communications Engineering from NIT Kurukshetra. Along with RBCCPS, he is also associated with the Stochastic Systems Lab, Department of Computer Science and Automation (CSA), IISc.

His research interests lie at the intersection of reinforcement learning and deep learning with autonomous systems and robotics.

Alok Rawat, M.Des.
Technical Associate (Product Design)


Alok received his Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Dehradun Institute of Technology and his Master degree in Product Design and Manufacturing from the Indian Institute of Science.

His interests are sketching, product design and development, and form modelling.

Balachandra M. Hegde, B.E.
Project Assistant (Electronics)

Balachandra obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bengaluru. He worked for WS Atkins India Pvt. Ltd for a year and a half. With his keen on pursuing research he joined the center in April 2017.

His interests are power electronics for energy conversion and drives, analog front end design for measurements. Currently he involved in developing a autonomous solar PV plant monitoring system and smart street lights.

Dhaivat Dholakiya, B.E.
Project Assistant (Robotics)

Dhaivat has earned his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Nirma University, Ahmedabad. During his studies, he represented India twice at the Asia-Pacific Robotics Competition (ROBOCON), where his team received Best Innovative Robot Design Award.

His areas of interest include design and manufacturing of robotic systems, actuators & drive systems. He is currently working on developing legged robots.

Harish Anand, B.E.
Project Assistant (Smart Systems)

Harish obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Model Engineering College, Kerala in Computer Science and Engineering in 2017. He did his internship in Google Summer of Code 2016 under the organization RedHat (Fedora Project). He has worked on multiple projects in machine learning and deep learning.

His current research interests include applications of machine learning techniques to software engineering, developing the IoT software architecture for smart cities.

Himanshu Agrawal, B.Tech.
Project Assistant (Smart Systems)

Himanshu received his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Jodhpur in 2017.

His current research interests are in developing IoT systems that can sense, understand and react to their environment, and android app development.

Mukunth A., M.Tech.
Project Assistant (Smart Systems)

Mukunth obtained his M.Tech. in Digital Electronics and Communication from NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte and his B.E. from Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore. A passion towards teaching drove him to take up teaching soon after his M.Tech. and he worked as a lecturer in an engineering college. With an interest to pursue research, he joined the Centre in August 2017.

His areas of interest are embedded systems and signal processing.

Nishal Ancelette Pereira, B.E.
Project Assistant (Smart Systems)

Nishal obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore in Electronics and Communication Engineering in 2017.

Her main areas of interests are Signal, Image and Video Processing, Computer Vision, Networking and Multimedia Communication. Currently, she is focussed on developing efficient architectures and algorithms for distributed video analytics for Smart Cities.

Pradeep Bansal, M.E.
Project Assistant (Smart Systems/Autonomous Systems)

Pradeep graduated with a B.E. in Computer Engineering from NIT Kurukshetra in 2010. After working for Samsung, Bangalore as Software Engineer for three years until he joined IISc’s MTech in Systems Science and Automation. He worked on multiple projects in the area of machine learning and knowledge bases.

After graduating in 2015 with a Gold Medal in Academics, he joined Bloomreach and worked there until August 2016 on problems related to search queries and information retrieval. Before joining RBCCPS, Pradeep worked for the health and fitness startup Cure.fit from September 2016 to January 2018. There he worked on mobile sensors data for problems like detecting user sleep, steps and health insights.

His interests lie in machine learning, Data Science, deep learning, information retrieval, NLP/NLU and other related areas.

Prateek Jha, M.Sc.
Technical Associate (Mechatronics)


Prateek earned his B.Tech. in Instrumentation and Control Engineering from the Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, New Delhi and his M.Sc. (Engg) from the Department of Electrical Communication Engineering at the Indian Institute of Science.

His current research interests include flexible/stretchable electronics, robotics, computer aided design and manufacturing, and motion control systems.

Rakshit Ramesh, B.E.
Project Assistant (Smart Systems)

Rakshit obtained his B.E. degree from M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore in Electronics and Communication Engineering in 2016.

His current research interests are in developing frameworks for Smart City middleware, low power WAN’s and radar signal processing.

Shounak Bhattachray, M.Sc.
Technical Assistant (Robotics)

Shounak Bhattachray earned his B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpore and his M.Sc. (Engg) from Indian Institute of Science.

His current research interests include legged robotics and motion control systems.

Siddharth Ramesh, B.E.
Project Assistant (Autonomous Systems)


Siddharth received his B.E. in Information Science and Engineering from Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology. Before joining RBCCPS, he worked in the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering, IISc for two years as summer intern.

He is currently working in autonomous systems and his research interests are integration of drones with a Smart City infrastructure, SLAM, embedded systems and computer vision.

Siddhartha Ahnihotri, B.E.
Project Assistant (Autonomous Systems)

Siddhartha received his B.E. from PES University, Bangalore in Telecommunication Engineering.

His research interests are drones, ground robots, computer vision and autonomous systems based on ROS. He is currently assigned to the CPS/Robotics lab and the research project on autonomous coordinated navigation of drones.

Swaminathan Vasanth Rajaraman, M.Sc.
Consultant Technologist (Software Engineering)

Swaminathan Vasanth Rajaraman received a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Anna University, Chennai and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Aalto University, Finland majoring in Mobile Computing (Services and Security). His thesis was based on optimization of LTE UE gateway for uplink video transmission.

He worked with Nomadic Labs, Ericsson Research, Finland and Data Communications Software Laboratory, Aalto University, Finland for three years on projects focusing on energy efficiency of LTE for IoT.

His interests are software product development on Android, Java and Java based platforms.