The Robert Bosch Centre supports Master students of the Indian Institute of Science the “MTech Project Awards” for research in areas of cyber-physical systems. Each project is awarded 150,000 INR.

StudentSupervising FacultyDepartmentProject Title
Ashwin S. M. and Arjun N.Dr T. V. Prabhakar
Prof Chandramani Singh
Electronic Systems EngineeringTactile internet - Application to remote maintenance
Shounak Bhattacharya and Arkadeep N. ChaudhuryProf Ashitava GhosalMechanical EngineeringDesign and fabrication of a quadruped with flexible multi-link spine
Aritra BhowmikProf Chandra Sekhar SeelamantulaElectrical EngineeringDeep learning meets sparse coding
Saptarshi ChatterjeeProf K. V. S. HariElectrical Communication EngineeringDrone to ground wireless channel modelling
Deepak R.Prof Chandra Sekhar SeelamantulaElectrical EngineeringOnline compressed sensing reconstruction algorithms and imaging applications
Rajrup GhoshProf Yogesh SimmhanComputational and Data SciencesDistributed event-analytics over sensor streams across edge and cloud platforms
Mahesh GorijalaProf Ambedkar DukkipatiComputer Science and AutomationConditional image generation with deep generative models
Bhagam GuruvuluProf Sarasij DasElectrical EngineeringControl of DC microgrids
Karthik RamesanProf Prasanta Kumar GhoshElectrical EngineeringRobot audition for source localization and separation using interaural cues
Anjali Prasannan and Ameena AshrafProf Deepak D'SouzaComputer Science and AutomationVerification for simulink models
Avishek MajumderProf Venkatesh BabuComputational and Data SciencesVideo representation for anomaly detection
Ashish PamanProf Ramsharan RangarajanMechanical EngineeringFrom 2D images to 3D models: Robust and accurate surface reconstruction using a camera-projector-camera system for engineering applications
Kiran RavyProf Dipanjan GopeElectrical Communication EngineeringRadio frequency imaging for breast cancer detection
Samik SadhuProf Prasanta Kumar GhoshElectrical EngineeringKeyword spotting in continuous speech over VoIP channels and cellular networks
Snehansu S. SahuProf Venkatesh Babu
Prof Partha Pratim Talukdar
Computational and Data SciencesListening to an image! (Machine learning model)
Sumant SarkarProf Srinivasan RaghavanCentre for Nano Science and EngineeringDevelop a 2D material sensing platform for lung cancer diagnosing
Suprosanna ShithProf Chandra Sekhar SeelamantulaElectrical EngineeringSparse time-frequency distributions and biomedical applications
Srinivas KumarProf Venkatesh Babu
Prof Sridharan Devarajan
Computational and Data Sciences
Centre for Neuroscience
Using Deep-Q-Networks to study gaze strategies involved in an attentional change blindness task
Ishan VaradeProf. R. C. HansdahComputer Science and AutomationReal-time scheduling schemes for Linux and Android operating systems in multicore processors
Amit K. Verma and Hemendra TomarProf Thippur V. SreenivasElectrical Communication EngineeringLocalize and classify moving acoustic sources with distributed robotic acoustic sensor network