IISc Smart Campus: Closing the loop from network to knowledge

IISc Smart Campus: Closing the loop from network to knowledge

Principal Investigator: Yogesh Simmhan (Computational and Data Sciences)


Bharadwaj AmruturChairman
Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber-Physical Systems
Electrical Communication Engineering
Rajesh SundaresanProfessorRobert Bosch Centre for Cyber-Physical Systems
Electrical Communication Engineering
M. S. Mohan KumarProfessorCivil Engineering
Malati HedgePrincipal Research ScientistElectrical Communication Engineering

This project developed an open, integrated and extensible IoT technology stack for Smart Management of campus utilities. The IoT stack brings together hybrid sensing, diverse networking, Big Data analytics and science-driven utility management, and was be validated through affordable and intelligent water resource management for a sustainable campus environment.

The project did research, reuse, develop and integrate the four critical layers essential to an IoT technology stack: (1) hybrid physical and crowd-sourced sensing; (2) reliable and adaptive networking; (3) Big Data management and analytics in realtime on clouds; and (4) online science-driven decision making for optimal resource usage. To this end, the project investigated innovative techniques on combining affordable physical sensors with crowd-sourced open data gathering; data collection over diverse networking technologies to respond to ongoing sensing needs; stream and event processing engines to enable Big Data analytics over distributed data on clouds for forecasting and visualization; and (in the context of water management) hydrological modelling for active decision making on pumping/ storage, and leakage/ contamination detection/ correction.

The IoT technology stack was used for Smart Management of campus utilities. In particular, it was deployed for sustainable water management within the Indian Institute of Science campus, which served as a living laboratory for controlled yet realistic validation. The outcome led to lower energy use through optimal pump operations, improve water quality through online prediction and detection, and reduce the water usage through knowledge sharing and citizen-science within a campus eco-system.

Project Publications


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