Short Course: Systems Design

Instructors: Dr. Ashish Joglekar and Darshak Vasadava

Timings: 14.00 – 17.00

Credits: 0

Eligibility: IISc students and staff (students have priority), up to a maximum of 30

Students are required to bring their own laptops


Date Topic Contents
1 July Introduction Theory: Introduction to systems design course

Preparation: Toolchain installation (for Robotics Kit)

4 July Module I Theory: Software architecture for OS less systems

Lab: Timers, PWM, Polling and interrupts

Theory: Introduction to sensors

Lab: Case study (Temperature sensors) and Demo (Reflectance sensor)

8 July Module II Theory: Analog front end, ADC, UART

Lab: MSP432 internal ADC initialization

Theory: Introduction to “Design for achieving EMC”

Lab: Demo of EMI

11 July Module II continued, Module III Theory: Sources of EMI and EMI mitigation strategies in mixed signal systems (like robots)

Lab: EMI mitigation

Theory: Actuators”

Lab: Interface DC motor driver with MSP432

15 July Module IV Theory: Control Loop Feedback (PID basics)

Lab: Write a PID controller in SW and use reflectance sensor readings to make the robot follow a black line

18 July Final mini projects


Registration is no longer possible as the course is fully booked.