The Centre offered the following courses in the past

CPS 312: Robot dynamics and control (3:0)

CPS 313: Autonomous navigation (2:1)

CPS 211: Introduction to switched and hybrid systems (3:0)

Instructor: Atreyee Kundu, Member of Technical Staff (RBCCPS)

Dates: January to April 2018

Syllabus: Switched and hybrid systems and their solutions, Stability of switched systems: background and motivation, Time-dependent switching: arbitrary switching and common Lyapunov functions, constrained switching and multiple Lyapunov functions, State-dependent switching: Lyapunov-Metzler and S-procedure characterizations, Algorithms for synthesizing stabilizing switching signals, Switched systems with inputs and outputs, input-to-state stability, invertibility, Switching adaptive control, Limited information control of switched systems, and Applications of switched systems in the analysis of networked control systems under communication uncertainties.

Data visualisation for decision making

Instructor: Dr. Anand Lakshmanan, Founder and CEO

Dates: November and December 2018

Syllabus: Data visualization (DV) for decision making, Data quality analysis using DV (hands on), DV types, do’s and don’ts, and summary (hands on).

A systems approach to analog design

Instructor: K. R. K. Rao, Head of Analog Training at Texas Instruments India, retd. Professor IIT Madras

Dates: 13 to 29 March 2017

Syllabus: The course will introduce a systems approach to analog design via detailed discussion of the following topics: Automatic gain control, Filter Design, Phase locked loops, and Frequency locked loops.

Systems engineering in cyber-physical systems

Instructor: Abd-El-Kader Sahraoui, Professor at the University of Toulouse and Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems (LAAS-CNRS)

Dates: May and June 2017

Syllabus: The course will give an introduction to Systems engineering in the CPS context by discussing the following topic: Introduction to Systems engineering, Processes and associated standards, Requirements engineering, Process conceptions and architectures, Validation and verification, and Case studies.

Lab: During the lab, two students will work on applying the development methodology and prototyping to applications in the following domains: Intelligent transport systems, CPS applications, Co-simulation, Distributed computer control and IoT, Programming embedded systems on TI Tiva

Introduction to cybersecurity

Instructor: Arun Babu, Member of Technical Staff (RBCCPS)

Dates: June 2017 and February to March 2018

Syllabus: Cybersecurity deals with processes, techniques, and tools to protect computers and networks from unauthorized access and attacks. This course deals with practical aspects of cybersecurity and teaches various types of attacks and mechanisms to prevent them. The following topics will be discussed: Attacks and attackers, Vulnerabilities, Safe and secure coding practices, Basics of cryptography, OS security, Web security, Network security, Security through obscurity, Malwares, Cyberwarefare, Cybersecurity in India, and Case studies.

Introduction to embedded systems

Instructor: Darshak Vasavada

Dates: June and July 2017

Syllabus: The course is aimed for students from various fields, who do not have prior experience in electronics or programming but are interested in developing embedded systems specific to their field of technology. This course will enable students from various Science and Engineering branches to build simple embedded systems, or effectively team up with Electronics and Computer Science engineers to build embedded systems with higher complexity. The following topics will be discussed: Microprocessor basics, Introduction to programming, Structure of a stand-alone system, Programming I/O devices, Communication between devices, and Communication with the external world.