You can financially support (partially or fully) one or more MTech (Res) or PhD student in the CPS domain

  • Fellowships will be named after the industrial collaborator
  • Co-supervision from the industrial collaborator is encouraged
  • Stipend will be on par with other fellowships being offered currently

You can send an employee for part-time PhD in CPS domain

You can directly fund a research project in the centre in the CPS domain and your area of interests

  • Project PI will be a faculty from any host department in IISc with a strong interest in CPS, using the Robert Bosch Centre’s resources (members of technical staff, facilities, students, etc.) for their research
  • You can nominate a visiting scientist to be hosted at the Robert Bosch Centre on a part-time basis to encourage collaborative research and interactions with the centre, IISc faculty and students

We can apply jointly for funding from external agencies and the project will be executed through the Robert Bosch Centre with its faculty, members of technical staff, facilities, students, etc. Examples of open calls can be found here.

Please contact Stefan Ipach, Manager for Research and Academic Programs, ( for further details.