The test facility contains a small scale test rig to conduct controlled experiments and in turn to understand the hydraulic and water quality behaviour in a water supply network. This system is useful in creating emergency scenarios, and thus “stress test” the smart water distribution network for realistic crisis situations.

The test rig has three looped water supply system equipped with hydraulic sensors like flow, pressure and level. A data acquisition system (CDAQ) aids in sampling and logging data from the system and provide closed loop feedback control. The system is equipped with electrically actuated butterfly valves to control the flow and isolate individual loops to conduct water quality tests and to perform demand supply analysis.

Water quality sensors like turbidity, free chlorine, dissolved oxygen, temperature, redox- potential (ORP) are deployed to monitor water quality variation when a contamination event happens. A visualization dashboard is provided using LabView. The platform broadly consists of database, visualization dashboard, control and facility to run advanced analytics.