We envision the center to become a vibrant world-class centre that works at the forefront of collaborative research and teaching in cyber physical systems.

Cyber-physical systems usually evokes an image of computer controlled machinery – from a simple lathe to a complex aircraft. However, of late, the scope of this field has become broader to encompass larger scale systems, both natural as well as man-made, including systems with “humans in the loop”. Examples include: river systems, traffic systems, crowds at an event, manufacturing lines, patients in a hospitals etc.

Recent advances in technology, especially that of low cost sensing and communications, allows unprecedented, high resolution, real-time views of such systems, their constituent components (including humans) and their dynamics. In conjunction with advances in analytics sciences and computing, it now becomes feasible to not only study these systems from a scientific perspective, but also control and manage them to achieve desired goals.

The centre’s mission is to unearth new knowledge about the science and engineering of these systems via cutting edge collaborative research to solve high impact problems in various application domains, drawing upon the existing deep strengths within the Indian Institute of Science.

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