Poster Session

CyPhySS’17 Poster session will provide a forum for researchers to showcase ongoing work and obtain feedback from the CPS research community. The following posters have been selected for presentation:

  1. Intelligent communication between autonomous surface vehicles (ASVs)
    Monica Palla, Vamsi Krishna Kollu, Sri Harsha Gajavalli, Hrishikesh Venkataraman (IIIT Sri City) and Shunmugham R Pandian (IIITDM Kancheepuram)
  2. Two-step clustering mechanism for communication in less disciplined cehicular traffic
    Surekha Ananthapalli, Aishwarya N Reganti and Hrishikesh Venkataraman (IIIT Sri City)
  3. Performance limits of delay constrained communication systems
    Sharu Theresa Jose and Ankur A. Kulkarni (IIT Bombay)
  4. Separating the good from the bad in rating systems
    Smita Solanki and Ankur A. Kulkarni (IIT Bombay)
  5. Observation based diagnosability of discrete event system
    Reshmila S and Rajagopalan Devanathan (Sree Narayana Gurukulam College of Engineering)
  6. A smart device to monitor quality and measure quantity of water flowing in pipeline
    Hari Krishnan, Madhav Mundhe and Manish Arora (IISc)
  7. Remotely operated vehicle (ROV) – IRIS for underwater inspection tasks
    Alok Sahu, Debasish Ghose and P.S. Sastry (IISc)
  8. Towards an automated deployment framework for large-scale CPS co-simulations in the cloud
    Yogesh Barve, Himanshu Neema, Aniruddha Gokhale and Janos Sztipanovits (Vanderbilt University)
  9. Exponentially stable position tracking control schemes for a class of underactuated vehicles
    Rakesh R Warier (IIT Bombay), Amit K Sanyal (Syracuse University), Srikant Sukumar (IIT Bombay) and Sasi Prabhakaran Viswanathan (Akrobotix LLC)


In case you have a proposal for Demo, please send an email to Dr. Ashish Joglekar highlighting the following:

  1. What will be demonstrated and how the contribution will be illustrated interactively
  2. The list of facilities required for the Demo