The Makery is RBCCPS’s “maker-space”, equipped with tools and machines for rapid prototyping and fabrication.

A brief overview of the basic tools, machines & equipments :

  • Manual and power tools
  • SMPS power supplies
  • Batteries (Lead-acid, Li-ion, Li-poly) and chargers
  • Electronic instruments (Oscilloscope, soldering station, signal generator, LCR meter, etc.)
  • Development boards (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266)
  • Modules (communication, motor drivers, display, sensors, analog modules, etc.)
  • Sensors and actuators
  • ICs & discrete cemi-conductor devices
  • Electronic passives (Resistor, capacitor and inductor assortment)
  • Motors (DC, DC geared, RC servo, DC servo, stepper, BLDC) and motor-drives