The baccarat strategist does not know the opponent’s tactics, only knows Zhuang Xian’s shots, and defeat is a foregone conclusion.

Although Macau Entertainment is no different from fighting on the battlefield, don’t just think it’s deadly. It’s not a big deal to play. It’s actually more terrifying and lethal than going to the battlefield. People have to live by money, and money is spent on gambling. You can play, so Macau Entertainment is challenging your own career, whether you can return happily, and the strategy used by the casino has a drip-proof layout. Improper players are the target of the attack. The casino is not at ease and treats players as players. Hunting rabbits, so Macau gambling money should have actual deductions. Only by analogy with casino strategy planning can the loss of money be reduced. In general, the tactics planned by the casino are all provocations that wait for rest and do not take the initiative, waiting for the players. Automatically send money to your door. From another perspective, try to make the players make frequent shots [betting], which will deplete the player’s strength [raise], and finally rebel against the host’s mentality, fight back vigorously and devour the game. A brief analysis of the player’s money is that Macau casinos can lose thousands of times, but players can’t make a mistake. One defeat may cause the entire army to be defeated. Therefore, players should carefully deduct the game and choose the best shot. Timing, try to avoid the traps of the casino, reduce the number of bets, and exchange time for space, in order to achieve a victory (profit) ending.

Playing Baccarat has a proper strategy (the first third quarter), in line with the actual situation, the sand table deduction first, if you can predict the winner of the banker and player, you can let go of it, and unexpectedly hit the door of the company banker. , There is a chance of winning the game, so you can bet calmly (with the mentality of quasi-win, you have to bet before leaving the hand at the end). It also hits the dead hole of the company’s banker. The game of baccarat is a game of the banker’s idle door. , The situation on the gambling table is relatively simple to deal with and it is easier to catch the company’s banker’s way. Although it is an unfair gameplay, if it can be handled properly, baccarat is still a more profitable gameplay and a strategic player in baccarat. Therefore, when providing players with gambling on baccarat, the thinking of solving the situation may be lacking in handling, which is an unavoidable problem. The opponent that must be dealt with is a super organization, and there are more unexpected emergencies. The situation can only depend on the random response of the players. If the weakness cannot be effectively reversed, it is still the 36th plan, and the last plan: the best plan!

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