We are currently looking for:

Members of Technical Staff

Areas of expertise (in at least one of):

Data Science & Analytics, System Software Engineering, Server Software Engineering, Sensor and Actuator Systems, Robotics & Autonomous Systems

Job Description / Role:

The MTS has the role of a research scientist/engineer who will work collaboratively with other faculty and students to execute research projects at the Robert Bosch Centre. The MTS is encouraged to actively seek and interact with faculty of various departments to develop collaborative research projects, participate in writing research proposals in response to grant calls and help execute the projects.

The MTS is expected to bring in the expertise and support for “beyond lab scale” demonstrations of research projects.

In addition to collaborative research projects, the MTS is also expected to pursue at least one research thread by themselves, funding for which will be allocated from the centre’s in-house research budget. This funding can be used to hire project assistants, support interns, buy small equipments, etc.

In addition to research, the MTS is encouraged to co-teach at least one regular semester course in a year, as well as teach one or more short Impulse courses in a year. In addition the MTS is encouraged to co-mentor PhD and Masters students along with faculty of other departments. The MTS is also encouraged to attend at least one international conference every year as well as author a technical article (whitepaper/blog/tech report) as  lead author.

Educational Qualifications:

PhD in engineering, maths or science (fresh PhDs are encouraged to apply) and who, ideally, have demonstrated  a strong record of research innovation.


Compensation will be competitive (with respect to corresponding academic pay scales) and will be commensurate with relevant prior experience.


  1. Willing and comfortable working in a fast paced, startup like environment.
  2. Willingness to take responsibility and drive projects through completion.
  3. Flexible, adaptable and comfortable working under significant uncertainties.
  4. Show initiative and be able to independently initiate tasks.
  5. Able to multiplex and manage time and commitments to multiple simultaneous projects.
  6. Contribute to the social and people development activities of the Centre.

Please send your resume including your work experience to manager@rbccps.org with the subject “MTS Application”.