A BioCPS approach to understand and control gut-biology (CyberGut)


G.K. Ananthasuresh
(Principal Investigator)
ProfessorMechanical Engineering
Centre for BioSystems Science and Engineering
Sandhya S. VisweswariahProfessorMolecular Reproduction, Development and Genetics
Centre for BioSystems Science and Engineering
Kaushik ChatterjeeAssistant ProfessorMaterials Engineering
Centre for BioSystems Science and Engineering
Ambedkar DukkipatiAssociate ProfessorComputer Science and Automation
Nagasuma ChandraAssociate ProfessorBiochemistry


Diarrheal diseases cause nearly 3,00,000 infant and child mortality in India. The Gut plays an important role in diseases as disparate as diabetes and autism. To augment animal models for the gut-epithelium with engineered in-vitro models using gut-on-a-chip and active scaffold platforms and conduct studies to sense, effect, and control cellular responses.

To analyse large data obtained using “cell sensors” to find hidden patterns and causative relationships using machine learning and to feed the inferences back to probe gut-biology in the context of a diarrheal disease. To perform genome level biological network analysis to identify regulatory proteins and then manipulate cellular responses, paving the way for understanding and controlling gut-epithelium in the diarrheal disease condition.