Projects completed in 2017

  1. Developing a framework for using electricity consumption data to drive energy efficiency in the residential sector
  2. The Kumb Mela Experiment: Measuring and understanding the dynamics of mankind’s largest crowd

Projects completed in 2016

  1. A solar dashboard for India. A cooperative project between ICER & RBCCPS
  2. Sensor network based cyber-physical infrastructure for continuous monitoring of water distribution networks

Projects completed in 2015

  1. Agricultural automation: Mobile phone based analysis of images of plant leaves to give decision support in agriculture
  2. Cardiac arrhythmias: In silico studies in realistic mathematical models for cardiac tissue
  3. Computer processing of wrist pulse signals acquired using fiber-optic techniques for healthcare appliances
  4. Control and prevention of hospital acquired infections
  5. Cyber surgery and remote patient care
  6. Fiber Bragg Grating sensors for distributed bio-chemical sensing
  7. Formal analysis of CPS protocols and software
  8. Low-cost, optical detection of DNA for HPV detection in urine
  9. Precision farming model for peri-urban agriculture: Technological interventions and innovations to enhance the input use efficiency
  10. Remote neonatal monitoring and intervention
  11. Sensor system for monitoring stroke patients in rehabilitation
  12. Simulation environment with active feedback for epidural procedures
  13. Smart transportation and mobility solutions
  14. SPMU based solar water pump and smart controller
  15. Studies into impact of dust and PV temperature on PV system (performance) efficiency in tropical regions
  16. Verified model of real–time operating systems for multi-core processors
  17. Zero energy smart building

Projects completed in 2014

  1. An interactive gateway for relaying physiological parameters and video data between mobile ambulances and hospitals (AMBULET)
  2. Development of a smart-camera based optofluidic microscope for Malaria detection
  3. Low-cost, efficient and portable blood cell counter for point-of-care diagnostics
  4. Smart phone interferometer

Projects completed in 2013

  1. Decentralized low power filtration via field effect – A water bottle for desalination
  2. Development of non-invasive human breath sensor system
  3. Indoor positioning and navigation of motorized objects
  4. Jewellery embedded with sensors and bluetooth chips and interfaced to a mobile phone and/or computers
  5. Touch screen anywhere
  6. Ultralow detection of ammonia using nanoparticles based chemiresistor sensors
  7. Wireless force and torque sensors for applications in complex fluids and biomechanics