Category: Internet of Things

IISc Smart Campus: Closing the loop from network to knowledge

This project proposes to develop an open, integrated and extensible IoT technology stack for Smart Management of campus utilities. The IoT stack brings together hybrid sensing, diverse networking, Big Data analytics and science-driven utility management, and will be validated through affordable and intelligent water resource management for a sustainable campus environment.

Study of India-appropriate technology (IoT) solutions for Smart Cities

The Indian Government has launched many national-scale ICT initiatives in the last year. Irrespective of their final mandate, these programs are ultimately driving towards a coherent plan of infrastructure development, service delivery and information transparency for the advancement and empowerment of Indian citizens. ICT will be critical for the successful execution and long-term sustainability of these projects. Among other ICT technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT) can provide a seamless inter-connect between the physical entities with the cyber world with M2M communication and closed-loop control with/without human intervention. Hence, leapfrogging to adopt IoT as the ICT “technology of choice” will be the key to success.

Design of large-scale IoT networks

A well-designed communication network that provides reliable quality of service (QoS) guarantees is a critical platform on which a variety of novel cyber-physical system (CPS) applications can be built. When designed well, the CPS entities can seamlessly talk to each other, and the network acts merely as a transparent enabler. When designed poorly, bottlenecks, congestions, delays, etc. that develop can choke not only CPS applications and but also the development of new CPS applications.

We are at a point in time where large scale IoT deployments, those that can improve delivery of societal services, are just beginning – smart meters at homes, safety monitoring of equipments, mobile health, improved distribution and leakage detection in water networks, among many others. Many innovative services are also being developed around such applications. It will not be long before IoT data starts flooding the network. It is therefore crucial that the right design decision choices are made at this stage, when the IoT networks are being planned, because once deployed, there is always reluctance to modify them.